Gordon Penfold

Gordon grew up in a dead church. A senior in High School, he vowed to never attend church again. But after believing in Christ a few years alter, he was  exposed a vibrant, life-giving church. He was overcome with the joy of a healthy church. He not only returned to church, he has pastored since 1980. He now coaches and trains pastors in the US and overseas.

I’ve observed many pastors over the years. I intuitively knew that some would succeed and others would fail but I could not definitively say ‘why.’ I decided to find out what characteristics set effective pastors apart from other those who struggle. That research allows me to help struggling pastors grow to become more effective in ministry so that their churches may likewise become vibrant, life-giving centers like the church I enjoyed as a new believer.

Gary Westra

Gary has a passion for healthy pastors and healthy growing churches. With over 30 years experience in ministry, he now comes alongside pastors and churches in consulting, mentoring, and coaching. He has served in churches from under 100 to over 1000. Twenty five years of his ministry was as a Lead Pastor.

I loved leading our three-year research project in the dynamics of turnaround leadership.  I have committed the rest of my ministry to seeing turnaround in churches in North America that have flat-lined or are declining.  I want my coaching and mentoring of pastors, and my leading our team of coaches at Turnaround Pastor, to be a lasting legacy in ministry.

Bud Brown

Bud thrives on teaching, writing, and producing tools that help churches and pastors achieve their God-given potential. His forty years of experience covers a broad spectrum. He has served in small rural congregations, large suburban churches, and rapidly growing megachurches. He has led four churches through revitalization.

I love watching pastors and churches have that "Aha!" moment. It thrills me to help pastors expand their skills and lead with confidence in the gifts and skills  God  hardwired into them. The privilege of providing each pastor exactly what he or she needs to thrive is deeply satisfying. Watching them enjoy success they never imagined possible motivates me to try even harder for them.